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A couple Tuesdays ago I got home from work to eat something with my wife had not called when I wanted to give a surprise that, while driving my car on the street, everything seemed normal, I parked on top of the road and went to our house and left through the winter, when I saw a pair of shoes that I liked new to me, looked me in the room and saw that there was knowone as I walked through the room I could teenah play from immediately above my cock began to grow in his pants, as I always wanted my wonderful wife of a man gifted to listen fucked up, I stood at the foot of the stairs and listened, I could see my wife heard gasping breath 'Oh yessss baby more profound ' i my penis is now very hard to go through my jeans and has slipped down the stairs when I was on teenah the landing and peered through a crack in the door of the place in front of me almost made me cum in my pants, my wife feels awesome in the middle of the bedEngineer in the header, with the exception of a couple of nude high heels, makeup and hair beautiful blonde was impeccable, as always, and his lips were sticky with a pink glow that had its legs extended and boy had his head buried between her legs licking her throbbing wet pussy teenah looks, Helen had moved his hands in the back of the head deep lick pussy each gave his 'finger me', called him ' cum really necessary ' man did as he said, and slid fingers deep inside her, now I had my cock and slowly teenah masturbate sharp end was sticky with my pre cum jucie, Helen was beautiful that her nipples were very hard and I new body language, that in the near future was cuming I pushed the door open a little longer to get a better view of the action and Helen suddenly looked at me when I saw, met long straw was a groan between clenched teeth, and his whole body began when a large orgasm ripped through her ​​body shaking sexy mancontinued licking her clit makes you cum over and over again until she put her head between her legs, I could see her swollen wet pussy while I was there, the man kissed his body to his lips and kissed her hard all the time I Helen and watched to see how horny I was, of course, took the right to appeal to a show for me. undo the boys in the shirt and pulled it away from him and bent down to undo his pants frantically before shaking hands in his pants, she let out a sigh as she gripped his cock and slowly began to wank ' take off your clothes and lay down in bed,' he said, 'I need hard cock ', seen as the man the rest of their things moved Helen knelt on the bed playing with her pussy rubbing her clit while she sneeking look at my penis hard teenah as possible kept sucking lay in bed, I had my first glimpse of his cock and I could see why my wife was as hot as his cock was a good 8 'and beautiful and strong as he straddled his face, and gOT teenah at position 69 of the part of my wife slowly masturbate that big cock is the best thing I've seen, he looked at me and smiled, once the foreskin once masturbated in the extreme violet lent forward and started to her wet tongue around the thick shaft up to make sure I could do what he did, if the queue was started sucking wet growing in the mouth between the lips of pink sticky balls squeezed her pussy licked see, I knew the type wouldn not be able, finally, between his lips and suddenly exclaimed expert was cuming near Helen, what he did and he shook his tail long and hard, he turned around to straddle on his cock and I could see to drive his hard dick with one hand and spread her pussy with the other rubbing his big swollen head into her pussy began before giving the matter in her tight pussy both let out moans ecstasy Helen, fuck the cock slowly, Government of Indiang up and down every inch of love the power he had over the two, she leaned forward so that her nipples as he showed me her pussy stuffed hard cock as thick, I could see the moisture in the queue, as sucking were slid up and down, put the man a hand in each of her butt cheeks and 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he came last. I went gently into the closet, while the man has his stuff together and left when he was gone I went to our room to find Helen lying open on the bed gently rubbing her clitoris legs, 'Oh yes,' said, ' Did you like this,' he replied, 'fuck me give teenah me you love me yet,' I climbed between her legs and she grabbed my cock and eats her pussy filled with cum I fucked her slow and difficult, all kiss time 'Are you like me a bad girl,' he said, 'a lot', he replied, 'Then if you take sperm from him ontop, fuck me baby fuck me', called by them, so I keep my cock in all i was worth, until I felt the hot tip, as spunkdeep well used pussy when I finished running ahead of us and Helen roled straddled my cock held her pussy open and slid both mixed loads with sperm from her pussy and rub my cock in her pussy.
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